Our Story

Run Forrest Run is your answer to all things 90s! With the pop and R&B hits of today monopolizing radio stations, it can sometimes be an effort to get back to “the good old days”. We’re not just talking about last year, we’re talking about warping all the way back to playing Pokemon on your Game Boy, freaking out in the middle of the night because your Furby turned on all by itself while you were reading Goosebumps, and popping some Warheads while listening to your walkman before heading on over to your friend’s house to trade pogs. We could only be talking about the 90s, a generation that we all love. Run Forrest Run would like the 90s to bring you as much joy as it has brought us. We strive to put that joy to work, giving you the best 90s tribute in the Chicago area. Get ready to sing and dance all night long as we PARTY LIKE IT'S 1999!


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